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Last September, I started producing how-to videos for OSTraining on how to build Joomla extensions. The first video series was How to Develop Joomla Modules, published in September 2016. That was followed by How to Develop Joomla Plugins, published in November 2016. This spring I produced the first part in a 2-part course on building Joomla components, How to Build Joomla Components, Part 1: The Administrator. Today, I am pleased to announce the release of part 2, How to Build Joomla components, Part 2: The Frontend.

No matter what kind of Joomla developer you are, CW Extensions will help you get the most out of Joomla with our simple, powerful Joomla extensions. Take the quiz below to find out what kind of Joomla developer you are.

CW Custom Extended is the Joomla Custom HTML module you always wanted. It's like the core Custom HTML, only better. It offers you 3 extra images as well as a way to add as many module attributes as you want. It's like its own module construction kit!

CW Quick Carousel is the quickest and easiest way to add an image carousel to your Joomla website. Simply add the module, add your carousel slides with an image, title, caption, and link for each slide, and publish the module. The carousel is based on the Bootstrap carousel, but you can easily override the output to use your preferred carousel script.

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