CW Custom Extended

CW Custom Extended

CW Custom Extended is the Joomla Custom HTML module you always wanted.

It's like the core Custom HTML, only better. It offers you 3 extra images as well as a way to add as many module attributes as you want. It's like its own module construction kit!

More details

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  • Standard Joomla MVC structure
  • Ability to add 3 extra images to display.
  • Add as many custom attributes as you need.
  • All managed in the module editor.
  • GPL License

This is the content of the module. It is entered in your selected WYISWYG editor, and you can add whatever content you need to enter, just like the core HTML module.

If you want to add attributes, you can easily access them in a template override with the code $attribute = $helper->getAttribute('attribute_key', 'Default value');. You replace 'attribute_key' with the key you entered for the attribute, and 'Default value' with whatever you want the default value to be whenever the attribute is not entered. This is great for developers who have a specific layout they need to implement while giving the admins control over specific elements in the layout without having to try to add layout HTML in the WYSIWYG editor.

The images below are added as the additional display images.

Add a CW Custom Extended module to any page(s) on your site

  1. In the Joomla administrator, go to Extensions > Modules and click "New" to add a new module.
  2. Select the CW Custom Extended module type.

Parameters Explained

  • Content: Custom HTML content to be displayed in themodule.
  • Options Tab
    • Prepare Content: Select yes to prepare the content with Joomla content plugins. (Same as core custom HTML module)
    • Background Image: Select a background image for the module. (Same as core custom HTML module)
    • Display Image 1: Select an extra image to display.
    • Display Image 2: Select an extra image to display.
    • Display Image 3: Select an extra image to display.
    • Attributes: Enter as many attributes as you need as key/value pairs. In the pop-up window, click a green plus button to add a new attribute, or a red minus button to remove an attribute. You can access attributes in your template override for this module with $helper->getAttribute($key, $default_value);.
      • Key: Enter a custom key for the attribute. This can be any string.
      • Value: Enter a value for the attribute.

Creating a Template Override

If you want to override the standard layout, you have to create a template override as follows:

  1. Copy /modules/mod_cw_customextended/tmpl/default.php to /templates/{YOUR_TEMPLATE}/html/mod_cw_customextended/default.php *
  2. Modify as needed

* Note: If you want to have multiple template overrides, you can create multiple copies of default.php, but give it different names. Each new override will be available in as an option in the Alternate Layout parameter in the Advanced parameter tab in the module.

screenshot joomla module cw custom extended 01

screenshot joomla module cw custom extended 02

screenshot joomla module cw custom extended 03