CW Redirect

CW Redirect

CW Redirect enables you to create a simple redirect by creating a Joomla menu item. Redirect the user from to any link you choose.

This component makes it easier than ever to redirect users from a URL on your site to any URL on the internet. Simply create a CW Redirect menu item, and CW Redirect turns that menu item into a 301 redirect to whatever URL you choose.

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  • Create a URL redirect by simply creating a menu item
  • Redirect to any URL, not just internal URL's
  • Shorten your URL's. Redirect to
  • GPL License

Create a CW Redirect menu item

  1. In the Joomla administrator, create a new menu. Set the menu item type to CW Redirect > Redirect
  2. In the menu item's CW Redirect tab, enter the URL where you want to redirect the user.