Introducing CW Quick Carousel!

Introducing CW Quick Carousel!

CW Quick Carousel is the quickest and easiest way to add an image carousel to your Joomla website. Simply add the module, add your carousel slides with an image, title, caption, and link for each slide, and publish the module. The carousel is based on the Bootstrap carousel, but you can easily override the output to use your preferred carousel script.

I created CW Quick Carousel because I needed a quick, simple way to add an image carousel without having to deal with installing a component to manage the photos and a separate module to display them. With CW Quick Carousel, it's all managed in the module. You upload your images to the /images folder in the Joomla media manager, and then add your slides in the module's parameters. What could be simpler?

screenshot cw quick carousel

CW Quick Carousel is available to all CW Extensions members. Join today to get this and many other simple, powerful Joomla extensions.

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