Introducing CW Custom Extended!

Introducing CW Custom Extended!

CW Custom Extended is the Joomla Custom HTML module you always wanted. It's like the core Custom HTML, only better. It offers you 3 extra images as well as a way to add as many module attributes as you want. It's like its own module construction kit!

I created CW Custom Extended because I needed a way to add custom attributes to the custom HTML module to allow the administrator to add information to the module and give the developer the power to define a custom layout for that data. The core custom HTML module only gives you a WYSIWYG editor, and it's difficult to maintain consistent layouts within the module when you try to layout everything in the WYSIWYG editor. The core custom HTML module also only gives you the option for a single background image, and sometimes you need more than 1 image in a module so I added that ability to include 3 extra images to display in the module.

Attributes are defined as a key/value pair, so the possibilities are endless for the types of modules you can create with CW Custom Extended. With custom template overrides, it really is like a module content construction kit.

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