CW Installer

CW Installer is a plugin for Joomla that allows you to download updates for CW Extensions from the Joomla administrator if you have the correct download ID. You can not use the Joomla updater for CW extensions without first configuring CW Installer. CW Whatever and CW So Meta are available without a membership, and therefore do not require CW Installer to use the Joomla updater.

Step 1:Installation

CW Installer is automatically installed with CW Quick Pages, CW Quick Blocks (component and module), and CW Content Image.

Step 2: Configuration

  1. In the Joomla administrator, go to the plugin manager at Extensions > Plugins
  2. Locate and open the "Installer - CW Extensions" plugin
  3. The only parameter is the Download ID parameter. Each CW Joomla Extensions member has a unique download ID, which can be obtained at Enter your unique download ID in the space provided.
  4. Set the Status to Published.
  5. Click Save & Close.